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You may remember that last week Sony announced a wireless keypad add-on for their PS3 controller much like the keypad add-on that can be purchased for Xbox 360. I find it a really strange move from Sony to put the keypad above the controller though not to mention that I really think it bears a heavy resemblance to Darth Vaders ugly mug.

Well, we finally have a price for it as it has popped up on One thing that I really do question is the placement of the keypad as well as whether or not it should actually even be attached to the controller to begin with and its something that both Microsoft and Sony should look at.

Pricing and more after the jump.

I’m not entirely sure that below would be best. What I actually want to know is why none of the companies just release a small standalone keyboard roughly the size of a TV remote that can just be used when sitting on the couch. Does it really need to be attached to the controller? I think that it makes the controller less comfortable and really shifts as well as adds to the weight.

Well, either way, the controller is set to release on November 30 of this year and will be 50 American smackeroos.

That’s quite rough for a keypad if you ask me and means that by the time it hits the shelves in South Africa we can realistically be looking at around R450 – R500.

source: GamingBits

Last Updated: August 26, 2008

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