Sony’s nightmare scenario

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A developer named John Carroll has been writing on his blog about the possibility of Sony’s nightmare scenario…

What would that be? You’ve heard about the rumoured Xbox 360 price drops I take it, well that would be it.

If the Xbox 360 does drop it’s price by $100 as rumoured it would make the core console $199 and the premium $299. Having a console in the golden < $200 range could boost sales astronomically.

Sony however has no way of countering this due to the high cost of manufacturing a PS3 (I’m looking at you Blu-Ray). Sony could not compete on price and with the severe lack of games which the PS3 is experiencing now there is even less reason to get a PS3.

But it is still a Blu-Ray player, however it is no longer the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market so it loses that as well… Things are not look good for Sony right now and the only thing that is bugging me is why Microsoft have not dropped the price yet?

Are they over confident already or do they know something we don’t? 

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Last Updated: June 13, 2007

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