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Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a silky smooth 4K 60FPS performance mode option on PS5

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Options: That’s all that we’re really after in this day and age. Especially on the graphical side of things, something that PC gamers have enjoyed for many a year now. Consoles have been slowly creeping into that territory over the years, with this generation’s mid-cycle upgrades in the form of the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Series X taking a baby step towards giving players more control over how their games are presented.

On the PlayStation side, it’s not unusual to read this sentence in a Tom Jones voice or be given the option of performance over quality, or vice versa. Whether you favour frame-rates over a higher pixel count is up to you, and it’s a feature which will most likely make the hop on over to the PlayStation 5. Insomniac Games’ is the first studio out of the gates to start talking about such a feature, with the studio recently tweeting that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will allow you to sling webs across Manhattan in glorious 4K at 60 delicious frames per second on PS5.

“Swing through the city like never before on PS5 with an optional 4K / 60fps Performance Mode,” Insomniac tweeted:

Looking sharp Mr Morales, looking sharp indeed! The PS5’s big exclusive is shaping up nicely, with Insomniac’s next spin as the webhead featuring a more modest slice of wall-crawling action that the developer says is similar in scope to Uncharted: Lost Legacy or InFAMOUS: First Light. “At Insomniac Games, we’ve loved the character of Miles Morales for a long time,” said creative director Brian Horton back in June.

It started years ago, when Bryan Intihar (creative director, Marvel’s Spider-Man), suggested that we should have Miles Morales be a part of the same universe as Peter Parker. We sneakily introduced him at the end of our E3 2017 demo, surprising the audience when they thought the PlayStation Briefing was over.

As we continued with the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, we knew that Miles’s origin story as a Spider-Man was something that needed its own game. Miles’s multicultural background reflects a more modern, diverse world and we wanted to give players a new story, with new set-pieces, fresh villains, and unique quests across Marvel’s New York City. This had to be a can’t-miss next adventure in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe.

I’m still keen to see how Miles’ unique spider-talents translate to Insomniac’s world. In the comics, Miles can do everything that a Spider-Man can do and more: In addition to having his own personal active camouflage, he also has bio-electric stingers which pack a hell of a punch when used. Elements of which we’ve seen teased so far in the first trailer from Sony’s recent PS5 showcase.

Last Updated: July 21, 2020

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