There have been some birthing troubles with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Servers flooded and down, people unable to even purchase the game, let alone create characters – quite a mess. Now it turns out that it was due to “conservative estimates”.

Speaking to Polygon at PAX, director Naoki Yoshida explained that the team expected players to be wary of FFXIV after the issues with the previous version:

“Because of the rocky launch [of the 1.0 version] we were a little conservative in our estimates of what was going to happen with the second launch, because we thought people would be wary of that first launch and wait and see what the reaction was before coming in.”

“What actually happened was everyone decided to come and play at the beginning. That’s why we’ve had our server problems and issues with logging in. The development team’s been working on this for the past week 100 percent, and by Wednesday we hope to have servers implemented as well as several of those login issues relieved.”

Yoshida sees this as a sign that Square Enix has regained the trust of its players. He has been on a campaign to reconnect with players after the failures of the original FFXIV, saying that the company couldn’t be like the “Square Enix of the past”. Speaking openly about what went wrong with the original game, he believes:

“We wanted to be as open as possible with the players, because if you’re open with the players, that’s how you gain the trust and hide nothing. Tell them no lies. Once you do it, you see the results.”

Square Enix is doing massive updates and fixes on servers to try to get everything up and running by today. Additionally, they’re giving all registered players an extra week of free gameplay to compensate for the frustration faced by those trying to get into the game. Hmmm, I suppose I might as well give it another whirl. I really wouldn’t mind getting into Eorzea again and running around with my awesome character. I just wonder if I should keep my interest at a “conservative” level to match Square Enix’s expectations.

Last Updated: September 4, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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