Stanley Parable, Space Engineers drill 1 Million sales

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It’s a big deal to cross a million sales in general, but particularly in the indie world. With smaller budgets and quicker development times (in theory), a million sales means that the developers have made real money, and gotten some serious attention. Two games recently crossed that milestone, making it a good week to be an indie.

First up, The Stanley Parable. Released originally as a mod, it became its own game last year to huge critical success. Of course the developer is incredibly proud of the game’s success.

However, it is the voice actor for the game’s narrator that won at twitter. For those who played the game, you’ll appreciate these tweets.

Meanwhile, Space Engineers also crossed the million mark. To celebrate, they released this infographic proving that women don’t like the game.

Space engineers million

Are you one of the millions who picked up these games? It seems I am a female cliché – I have zero interest in Space Engineers. However, I have played and loved The Stanley Parable. It is genuinely funny and entertaining, poking fun at the way we play and perceive games. Plus it’s available on PC and Mac, so you can play it on your personal computer of choice.

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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