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Star Citizen’s FPS mode is called Star Marine

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Star Citizen holds – and continues to break – the record for the most crowdfunded game in the history of both games and crowdfunding. That’s a good thing – because with the game’s ever-increasing feature list and galactic scope, Cloud Imperium Games certainly needs the money. IF things continue the way they are, Star Citizen may end up being the most expensive game ever made. One of the newest things added to the game is its first person shooter mode – which now has a name: Star Marine.

And unlike the dogfighting module, it won’t be launched in its most basic form; it’ll be a full playable mode that even includes a space-bound sports game, and will feature “animation fidelity and attention to detail that you wouldn’t normally expect in an ‘alpha’ gameplay module.” Like everything else about Star Citizen though, it will be refined, tweaked, improved upon and may end up completely different when the game is finally released to retail…sometime in 2026.

“Since the days of Wing Commander, I’ve dreamed of integrating a first person shooter with a space sim. It’s such an exciting idea: you might land your fighter on a carrier and then race into battle to repel alien boarders… or you might put down on a seedy border world and fight off pirates eager to steal your cargo!” enthuses Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts. “And on a broader level, it speaks to our longtime goal of increasing immersion: you’re no longer taken out of the action with between-mission gameflow menus or worse. Instead, from the moment you start the game to the minute you exit, you’re living in and interacting with the Star Citizen world!”

“That’s why we kicked off Star Citizen as a ‘First Person Universe’ right from the start, and it’s why we picked an FPS engine to build on. Star Citizen isn’t like my previous games: you aren’t directly ‘playing’ a ship… you’re controlling a character who is flying a ship. You’ve had first person action against fighters in Arena Commander, you’ve explored your hangar… you’ve even drawn your pistol in combat to take shots at other players and their ships!”

It all sounds rather good, but for now I’m tempering my own excitement. I perhaps stupidly, made the decision to wait for a retail release instead of jumping on the early access model. I may be waiting forever as the game’s scale keeps increasing.

“Development for Star Citizen has scaled extremely quickly and there are difficulties with a project of this scale, which averages 1500 check-ins per week, to keeping builds stable for our players, testers as well as internally for our developers. Major changes were made to the development flow of features internally and the process in which they make it out to release builds. Whilst this might sound a bit boring, to maintain the tempo of development star citizen demands it’s important this stability is built into the development process which is what is being done internally.”

The game is set for release next year. I hope.

You can read the rather lengthy, explicitly details FPS update here.

Last Updated: May 12, 2015

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