Star Wars Battlefront isn’t hitting 1080p on either console

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Battlefront not hitting 1080p on consoles

Oh Frostbite Engine, you are so beautiful to behold. EA has been making great use of their in-house engine to produce some stunning titles over the years, but Star Wars Battlefront is easily the most authentic, realistic use of it yet. It brings Star Wars to life in ways that previous games just couldn’t, although it seems to have retained some of the worst bit about the Battlefield series, like the inability to reach 1080p on modern consoles.

Although not confirmed for release yet, the Battlefront Beta that kicks off today has some worrying signs already. Firstly, the game is rendering at 1600×900 (900p) on the PS4, and an even lover 1280×720 (720p) on Xbox One. Both are then upscaled to 1080p, but the Xbox One version in particular suffers. A resolution that low being blown up by that much leaves some details lost in a blurry mess, but thankfully the same can’t exactly be said for the PS4.

Putting the beta build under a microscope, Digital Foundry discovered that, despite the upscaling, a good use of anti-aliasing and post-processing keeps the image crisp and smooth most of the time. As for the frame rate, it mostly sticks to 60FPS – but there are spots where it dives well below.

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It’s upsetting that the Frostbite engine is still struggling to hit 1080p on modern hardware (it did with Dragon Age: Inquisition, but only at half the frame rate), but for a competitive shooter having a smooth 60FPS is more important that anything. The PS4 footage above still looks sublime, but it will be interesting to see how much is compromised on Xbox One.

As for PC, well, you saw those required specifications right? They’re a bit ridiculous too.

Last Updated: October 8, 2015

Alessandro Barbosa

You can all call me Sandy until I figure out how to edit this thing, which is probably never. Sandy not good enough? Call me xXx_J0k3R_360degreeN0Sc0pe_xXx. Also, Geoff's a bastard.

  • Grand Admiral Chief

    Rodian Rebel?

  • Grand Admiral Chief
    • VampyreSquirrel

      There’s only 720 P’s there… XD

      • Grand Admiral Chief


      • Antonia Pagan

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    • Sageville

      So cinematic….

  • 1080p is so 5 years ago.


  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Right now the EAmpire is striking back.

    • Not really hey, it’s more Sony and MS’s fault

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        If this was a near-launch title I’d agree, because I remember how they hyped everything being 1080p & 60fps 2 years ago, but EA’s had a long time to play with the hardware & develop the game. 720p on the Bone is a bad joke.

        • I dunno hey, I mean I’m not a fan of this game but honestly I see it as a realization that Dice wanted to push the game in terms of graphics but when you have nothing left after all those graphics then you just have to leave it as it, because the whole #downgraded debate would kick in and obviously EA doesn’t want that like how Ubisoft and others dealt with it, but my original point was these devs have set hardware in which to code and develop for on these “Multiplayer Subscription devices(because that’s what they are)” it’s not the devs fault that Sony and MS chose weaker parts in it, as such tech ages extremely quickly as we all know, but still Sony and MS went for custom AMD crap APU hardware for the long run , So yeah I agree 720p on the bone is a bad joke but I see it as not DICE’s fault(I actually applaud them for not downgrading and rather painting a picture of this is what we’re throwing at it and this is what we’re getting out)but again I feel it lies at both Sony and MS for not “future proofing their devices”

          In terms I’m not waving the oh Glorious PC fanboy debate since it’s not providing much except showing that the game can go beyond 1080p in this instance and also that there is countless different builds out there but yet DICE can deliver beyond 1080p on it, but with console there is only build (excluding the dev kits) and if DICE can’t achieve it then again I feel the hardware is at fault not the devs.

        • Michael

          I hope you liked The Order only being 800P. How’s that for the Bone…lol

  • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

    I got Half Life to run on a Pentium 75 once…So I got that going for me….

    • Splooshypooh


    • Splooshypooh

      Played mine at 400×600 on Software/Direct3d. Had to make the screen as small as possible just to get playable

      • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

        Awesome!! I had issues with it lagging every now and then, but other than that was a pretty good smooth experience…

        • Splooshypooh

          That whole experience is still one of my standout favourite times in gaming 😀 Just getting half-life to work on an actual potato 😛

          • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

            Same here, those were the days…wrestling with the hardware, starting up the game and then accidentally selecting a higher resolution, waiting the ten seconds it takes to apply said setting and then trying to revert it with input lag equal to trying to prod the sun with a giant broomstick… I loved those days….

          • Splooshypooh

            And then! And then eventually rocket blasting that three headed green thing after taking 4 or so hours to get all the systems going 😀

          • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

            HAHAHA!! Yes!! Exactly that!

    • David Weatherhead

      Doom 3 on a Geforce 2 with a Pentium 3 (iirc) and less than the required RAM.
      Looked like Horse Radish, but hey, you gotta game when you gotta game!

      • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

        Now that is impressive!!

    • Grand Admiral Chief

      Impressive, most impressive

      • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

        Hehe, blind luck more than anything else really, but if you’re young and have a lot of time, you can make anything happen!

  • Fnuik

    I couldn’t care less if the game is 1080p. So long it’s fun I am happy.

  • RustedFaith

    I gues it all depends what you consider modern hardware. If you are suggesting that the Xbone or PS4 have modern hardware then I think I found your problem. Runs over 100fps on pc.

  • oVg

    60fps enhances gameplay. If it detracts from Resolution then so be it. I don’t care if its 480p.

    60fps OGTFO.

  • oVg

    People still have no understanding about the difference between resolution and frame rate. They all preach that gameplay should come first over graphics yet they bitch when the graphics has to take a hit in order to keep the frame rate up.

    How MGSV managed to keep a solid game play experience thanks to its SOLID frame rate in an open world without sacrificing the resolution is AMAZEBALLS.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      MGSV uses the Fox engine. SWBF uses Frostbite.

      Foxes are smart & agile, frostbite is bad for you. Think about it.

      • oVg

        In other words cunning coders beat dead coders 😛

      • Nikola

        hahaha, quite insightful today:)

    • 30 FPS is solid, and still standard for the movie industry. I don’t know why we push games to run higher when obviously it’s hard to maintain a steady high fps in multi-player games with 20+ players per instance. As far as resolution, we need to hit that 1600p ASAP where we can stop as far as resolution. Then all technical progress can be worked to push everything else like FPS.

      • oVg

        It depends on the game. Until Dawn does not need a high FPS as its a linear camera. Where as a game like MGSV or any shooter that requires quick trigger reflexes with the gun reticule then its a must. I just just spent 160hours in MGSV and then started playing Dragon Age again. It took awhile for my eyes to readjust to the blurriness of Dragon Age. Its a massive difference. Driving games and shooters should have 60fps as standard.

        As for those GTAV gifs that you see on reddit at 60 fps I sometimes wonder If I played the same game as the PC version.

        Also I think film needs to up its game. Sometimes I sit in the Cinema and watch a pan shot and all I see is blur, even if its filmed with the latest state of the art digital cameras.


        • Sure, I get it, but with PCs we can have both high res. and high fps.

  • oVg

    Gwaaaaaaafix explained for dummies.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    Holy fuck did I just see a player as Darth Vader deflecting lazer shots!?!

    Won’t lie, I am a little wet now 😉

  • Pieter Kruger

    Lazy developer, rushed game, don’t buy their shit…..

  • HisDivineOrder

    It’s not surprising. They want to up the ante on effects from last generation, but they can’t do that with the anemic hardware they put into these APU-based consoles. If they wanted 1080p60, they should have put some serious hardware into these consoles.

    Instead, they cheaped their way out. If you want 1080p60 (at least), you should game on PC.

  • Who cares about consoles ? The age of the Console is DEAD, get over it.
    What people want to know is – did they put in the Consortium Faction, do they have good simulators for flight, space & vehicles ? Can you have 1st person view ? You got nothing on this review, nothing of real importance other than sluggish run on an inferior hardware.

  • Forget that the rebel little rifle sounds like the Plasma Cannon from the original Terminator movie.
    Crap by Design, welcome to another EA failure.

  • hvd hvd

    the issue is if cod aw cant hit 1080/60fps,halo 5 1080p/60fps the these consoles can.its the frostbite engine that they use plain and simple.

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