Steam had over 10 million concurrent users this past weekend

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What did you do all weekend? Don’t lie, I know you weren’t at that friend’s braai, or having an important dinner with family. You most certainly weren’t finding a cure for that terrible disease, or posing as a billionaire who has a fascination with bats (that’s Darryn’s job). You were on Steam, being unproductive, weren’t you? There’s no need to feel bad really, because you were joined by others… several million of them actually.

According to the Steam’s stats page, Valve’s platform was home to over 10 million concurrent users yesterday, the 14th of June (via VG247):


That’s one heck of a milestone. What were all those people doing online though? Playing games, obviously! Here’s the latest numbers of the top played titles on Steam:


As a matter of interest, I input all the large numbers into my fancy windows calculator. Thanks to my deft addition skills (something Geoff does not possess), I was able to operate the device and have it spit out the number 1,942,805. That’s the peak for today however, but even so, for arguments sake, it does fall a bit short of the 10 million milestone seen yesterday.Where did all those other concurrent users come from when the record was broken?

Oh I don’t know, maybe they were tired of playing games, and decided to check out that pesky Steam Summer Sale instead, which at time of writing, has the Far Cry franchise at 66% off. Now 10 million seems so small. Why aren’t there more people mindlessly spending their money on the sale?

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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