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Steam world domination OTW

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Valve has been announcing many changes to come to our beloved Steam client. A new Steam Community is in the works and will feature four massive new features, each with their own awesome functions.

First up is the “Game Hubs” feature. Game Hubs will be collections of game-centric discussions, screenshots, videos, news and workshop items both community created and official content, as rated by Steam users.

These four major features will be revealed one at a time for four days in succession, starting today, so keep your eyes on this page to check out further reveals as well as a preview of what they’ll look like.

Valve had also released a press release recently stating that the client will expand beyond games into software titles. According to this press release these titles will range from creativity to productivity, many of which will take advantage of popular Steamworks features including easy installation, automatic updating and cloud saves.

These software titles are said to launch on Steam on 5 September with more titles being added following the launch. Developers will also have the opportunity to submit software titles via Steam Greenlight.

With so many new things coming to Steam, I can only assume that there’s a storm brewing at Valve, a plot to take over the world one new feature at a time. Once again dominating the digital sales and video games platform sweeping every one else (Origin, cough-cough) under the rug. 

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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