Steve Ballmer defends the Xbox investment

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So yesterday we posted a community news piece on how Goldman Sachs had dropped their rating of Microsoft and had singled out the Entertainment division which houses the Xbox as an example of a division that Microsoft should offload.

However today Steve Ballmer has been chatting to the London School of Economics about cloud computing and has raised the Xbox as a prime example of diversifying a companies content. Saying that originally people panned Microsoft for throwing money at the Xbox but now they are the ones with egg on their faces as it’s now very profitable.

He was using this as a justification for continually throwing money at Bing which is still a long way behind Google in the searching industry and a lot of people are now wondering if Microsoft should just give up on that and possibly just partner with Google.

But that’s for another site to discuss, the other thing Ballmer mentioned was that out of all the products that Microsoft is currently developing he is most excited about Kinect, in his words.

“You control everything on your television screen, and content interaction with friends is happening in the cloud.”

then he goes on to say

“It is a smart device that is processing me, It gives us the ability to have a natural user interface. And you can participate in games with friends across the globe.”

Only time will tell if Microsoft’s confidence in Bing and Kinect will pay off though.

Source: Techradar

Last Updated: October 6, 2010

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