Street Fighter V: New details and pictures ahead of E3

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The multiverse is a hypothetical set of infinite (or finite!) universes, including our own, where anything and everything is possible. Despite that, no universe exists where Mortal Kombat is a better game than Street Fighter.

Hear me out. I understand that many prefer Mortal Kombat – and I get that. It’s more visceral and violent, infinitely more accessible and appealing to the unwashed masses. And that’s ok. But Street Fighter is, was, and likely always will be the better game.

The next numbered Street Fighter, the one with the V on the end, is coming next year to PlayStation 4s and PC’s – but will make a showing at E3 this year. Here are some brand new, “leaked” shots that have gone live before the event kicks off next week. Here’s a look at the game, which is looking crisp, detailed and technical.

The astute among you will see that Ultra’s are now called “Critical Arts,” while there’s a new thing called a V-Trigger, that along with new V-skills uses a new gauge. Some moves, like Charlie Nash’s teleport and Chun-Li’s double fireball can only be used when the V-Trigger is activated.

The new systems seemingly bring in a few of the more technical aspects of Street Fighter 3 – allowing players to parry, deflect fireballs and carry out other defensive strategies.

The fact that SFV is more technical, bringing parries back excites me more than it rightly should. The game will be at E3 next week, where Darryn will get to play the game before I will, allowing him to gloat at me for the foreseeable future. What a bastard.

The game will be out in March next year, which happens to be my Birthday month. Happy Birthday to me indeed.

Last Updated: June 11, 2015

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