Super Gamers IQ Test – Can You Name Them All?

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So, you think you are a hardcore gamer? You think that you know your stuff, eh? Well think again.

This image that you are about to see in full size is a compilation of 375 games and around 425 videogame characters. Question is, are you good enough to name them all? I had a good crack at it and while I was satisfied with my performance, I missed quite a few.

In the description on the top, a few extra challenges have been added a la Where’s Waldo so try them out too if you like.

How many can you name? Hit the jump for the full image and give it a go.

Click it to make it Beeeeeeg!

Image: Shadow502t (Deviant Art) via Attack of the Fanboy

Last Updated: March 17, 2010

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