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Super Street Fighter IV’s Juri gets a Boob Job

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Fighting game characters tend to have their vital statistics available on-line in Japan. One obviously obsessed fan has noticed that Juri, the new female South Korean fighter in Super Street Fighter IV has received a sizeable upgrade in her assets.

According to the Official site, Juri has had breast augmentation – Her bust size has increased from 75cm to 83cm, in an instant. Strangely, her interests have also changed. Whereas her listed interests once included Spicy food, spiders and big boobs she now only likes spicy food and spiders. Probably because she now has her own big boobs, and they’re giving her back problems.

Whether this was done by Capcom as a move to appeal to Dead or Alive fans, or just some sort of oversight is unknown, but I’m not complaining.

Hello Slow News Day. Well, it’s a slow news day until it all starts pouring in from rAge, that is.

Thanks, Kotaku

Last Updated: October 2, 2009

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  1. K'lastran

    March 22, 2010 at 18:53

    You think 83cm are big boobs? I’m barely an 28AA (the smallest bra size) and my boobs are 77cm. So her boobs were SMALLER than that to begin with. If anything her boobs are now just average sized, even still a little undersized, probably.


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