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Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are getting new costumes

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DC’s trinity of flagship characters (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) are pretty recognisable icons. After all, one of them is an indestructible alien orphan, the other is an Amazonian warrior princess and Batman rounds the cast off by being a billionaire with too much anger on his hands. Everybody knows what they look like. But that look is getting shaken up this year after the events of Convergence.

Because they’re all getting new duds. First up, Nerd Reactor got a look at the new Superman costume, which makes him look like the last son of Kimberlyton:

DC (2)

It’s a back to basics approach that echoes the outfit worn in Grant Morrison’s Action Comics run from 2012, with a classic S-shield and some bloodied knuckles which suggest that this man of steel may be experiencing longer bouts of being powerless. Next up, Batman, who will be sporting a suit that makes him look like mecha Bugs Bunny or the brother of local Kort Circuit, Chappie:

DC (5)

And last but certainly not least thanks to Hitfix, the new Wonder Woman costume. I think it looks the best out of all three, and emphasises the warrior princess side of her character:

DC (1)

It certainly is a weird selection of new looks. I give it 12 issues before we see the classic duds reappear.  I give it 12 seconds before hardcore fans explode on the comic book forums.

Last Updated: March 13, 2015

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