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Support a local LAN and Dota 2 competition

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We try to keep you in the loop on a variety of events like this, and often get shouted at that they aren’t in YOUR city.  Well, here’s a local event you can take part in from anywhere.

Enjoy Gaming is holding a LAN, but you can still take part in their online Dota 2 competition, even if you can’t attend the LAN.  The event is taking place 16-17 August, and is completely free!  That’s right, free entrance, free internet and free braai.  Oh, and there will be prizes!  All you need to do is book your seat (limited to 100), pack up your computer and get yourself to Brits Town Hall in North West Province.

You can sign up for the Dota 2 competition here, and view the event on Facebook here.  Call Magiel for more info or to book your spot.  Oh, and please bring deodorant – LANs seem to be an excuse to make any room smell like puberty.

Last Updated: August 7, 2013

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