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Getting people to support eSports is a much tougher thing than getting competitive gamers to support each other. One of the challenges are raising awareness of competitive clans or players and another actually finding these guys and girls on the internet. SAGamer’s Richard Scott is calling all competitive gamers in an effort to help raise awareness of their clans and social media and get more followers and supporters. If you want to show people where to support your clan or find some teams to follow, check out the details on the click through.

So I saw this post on Facebook this morning, made by a local gamer and thought it was really awesome, it reads:

Even if you not into the competitive scene please have a read and show support!

In a push to help the community of competitive Clans I’m trying to help all clans get exposure for followers and support. Details are here, Will be updating the thread as I do, You all welcome to send me your clan details privately or on the forum (Coldcat) and I’ll update your details to the list. 

Please take a moment to click and show your support, without it SA will take just that little longer to get where it needs to get. The more vigilant and aggressive we are the better.

However small or insignificant it could appear, this simple effort is more important than people realize and I’d like to urge gamers to support it. From a journalist’s point of view it’s been really hard to get in touch with competitive gamers on the local scene and there’s no central hub for information or contacts. So it’s really a relief to know that local journalists can go to this one thread and find the people they are looking for.

The above mentioned thread is a forum thread where clans or players can go and list their Twitter accounts, clan pages, Facebook pages or any other links such as official websites and Youtube channels. Scott will then compile a complete list and update his initial post. So if you are a competitive clan or gamer and want to let people know where to follow you, go and add your details. And for those looking for people to support to write about, this is a good place to start!

Last Updated: April 17, 2013

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