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Tabata: Final Fantasy XV like Red Dead Redemption

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One day I will go to the Tokyo Game Show. One day. It seems a bunch of publications got to chat with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata while there. I already told you some of the details revealed, but now we get the best comparison ever – Final Fantasy XV will be like Red Dead Redemption.

In an interview with 4Gamer (translated by Siliconera), Tabata explained that his plan for Final Fantasy XV was ‘an open-world-style Final Fantasy’:

The world seamlessly expands, but unlike your common open-world RPGs, it’s not a game that lets you go anywhere and advance through the story like that.

As part of the Final Fantasy series, the characters will grow while gathering items, and you’ll visit other places as the story goes along, where there will be drama to experience, followed by a climax that will be reached. That’s the kind of flow that it will have.

Tabata expanded to say that it won’t be a game like Skyrim, where you can go anywhere and pick up quests. Rather, the destination will always be clearly indicated and by going in that direction you and your allies will grow. However, there will still be plenty of exploration:

once you arrive at an area of interest and start advancing through the story, in a sense, it’s closer to Red Dead Redemption.

Players can choose their mode of transportation, traveling on foot or by Royal Car. Much like in Red Dead, while you can choose to walk from place to place, it will feel like an endless journey if you do so. Players will most likely drive from one major point to the next, opting to explore on foot once there.

I like this approach to open world gameplay. I know people have complained about linear gameplay in Final Fantasy games, but they have always been linear to a point. Sure, you could walk to another town in the open world that you weren’t supposed to visit yet, but nothing would be available until you were led there by the plot. Often guards would just turn you away upon entry. This type of open world with guidance is a sign that Final Fantasy is returning to its roots. At least, I hope so.

Last Updated: September 23, 2014

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