Tatecraft would see a Mincraft Tate Museum

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Minecraft museum

I love that museums are getting in on the modern world in a whole new way. The MoMA in New York has an entire exhibit on video games, and now the Tate museum in London is looking for a way to digitally enhance people’s enjoyment of art. Adam Clarke thinks the answer lies in Minecraft.

The IK Prize awards a prize of £10,000 and a £60,000 production budget to a winner tasked with creating a digitally innovative project. From robots to children, the ideas are really pretty varied, but the Minecraft one seems like an obvious winner to me:

Adam wants to create an interactive Minecraft world that takes the player on a journey of discovery through British art. Enlisting the skills of an international group of Minecraft map makers, Adam proposes to create a cultural adventure, allowing you to step into the artworks and experience them from a unique perspective, encouraging you to explore, ask questions, turn corners, open doors, solve puzzles, understand and be inspired.

It’s not just about recreating the museum itself in Minecraft – works of art will also be transferred. This will allow players to enter into those paintings, break them into pieces and dig for deeper meaning. Sounds like a pretty cool idea to me – I certainly hope he takes the prize on this one. Check out the video where he explains it in more detail:

I’m loving all the innovative uses of Minecraft – there really is no limit of what you can do. I would love to see someone recreate Joburg or Cape Town in Minecraft the way they’ve done with other cities. I think it would be an interesting world to explore and a nice form of pseudo tourism.

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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