Tekken is 20 years old – Bandai Namco release montage

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Heihachi got so old O_o I remember when he had black hair

It’s not just the PlayStation that’s 20 years old now. The first Tekken debuted in arcade two decades ago believe it or not. It was later ported and found a home on the first of Sony’s console, and each sequel has done so since then. Want to see how the series has evolved?

Trust me, it has… we’re talking near-Final-Fantasy-VII-like block muscles in the first game for crying out loud! Bandai Namco have put together a montage showcasing every title in the series, from the first right through to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Game Informer via @Harada_TEKKEN).

(Vidme Link)

As a matter of interest, here are all the dates of release for the arcade versions. A console port usually happened the following year.

  • 1994 – Tekken
  • 1995 – Tekken 2
  • 1997 – Tekken 3
  • 1999 – Tekken Tag Tournament
  • 2001 – Tekken 4
  • 2004 – Tekken 5
  • 2007 – Tekken 6
  • 2011 – Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I have a soft spot for Tekken, I think it’s easily my favourite fighting game – beating the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat only because I spent countless hours with Tekken 2 when I was a young un.The series will continue with Tekken 7 which will see an arcade release in February 2015. I’m still waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter. That should come out one day, right?

Street Fighter V was recently announced, and it is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC. Imagine the drama if, by some dark sorcery, Microsoft secured Tekken 7 as a Xbox One exclusive. That’s unlikely to happen though, as Tekken has been synonymous with PlayStation since the very beginning.

What’s your favourite Tekken title? Are you feeling ancient now? I know I am!

(December 8, 2014

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