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Terminator: Resistance – Here’s half an hour of fresh gameplay footage

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Terminator 3

The fact that we’ve never gotten a good Terminator game is one of life’s greatest crimes. An epic universe of man versus machine, a pulse-pounding tale of survival in a harsh world ruled by relentless hunter androids who just so happen to equipped with automatic laser assault rifles and thick Austrian accents…and we’ve yet to see a game based on the franchise that doesn’t make me want to slowly lower myself into a vat of molten metal while giving a finger to the industry.

Can a game set in the post-nuclear apocalypse of the future that the films are trying to avoid be the salvation that fans are looking for? I’m…not exactly sold on what I’ve seen so far. While a first-person shooter with stealth, a few role-playing mechanics and a crafting system should sound like a dream Terminator game, developer Teyon’s (You may remember them from that Rambo game which was uh something) stab at the Skynet future looks passable at best. See for yourself, with close to a half-hour of new footage straight from EGX:

That’s entirely okay stuff. The idea behind Terminator: Resistance is a solid one, a shooter where players need to use cunning and guile to avoid killer robots who can rend their frail meaty bodies into a slurry of blood, powdered bone and regret if they catch up to you. It’s an idea which worked frightfully well in Alien: Isolation, as there’s no way that your pea-shooter of an M-16 is a match for Skynet’s shiniest and brightest murder machines.

How much of the game will be based on sneaking and that weird little hacking mini-game though? Will there at least be a few moments of action where you get to wield some fancy new guns that you just picked up? All good questions, which will probably be answered when Terminator: Resistance arrives on December 3 for the usual console suspects. Until then, the best Terminator game currently on the market happens to be that fighting game that rhymes with Chortle Wombat, which allows you to wield the might of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself in grisly fashion.

Last Updated: October 21, 2019

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