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Terrifyingly Frightening Rise of Nightmares Red Band Trailer

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Kinect games this far have largely been family oriented, casual affairs. That’s not to say they’re terrible – excellent games like Dance Central, Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports are a blast to play with family and friends, especially if the group includes children. Barring a few excellent standouts like Child of Eden, The Gunstringer and…umm…err…hmm…stuff, there hasn’t been too much controller-free gaming for the more mature player.

Until now.

SEGA’s Rise of Nightmares, from the fantastic House of the Dead team, is a Kinect-exclusive, motion-controlled first-person and a whole lot of other conjoined adjectives survival horror that has you hacking and slashing your way through demons, the undead and other terrors with all sorts of bizarre weaponry. Very serious stuff, it’s in no way kooky, cheesy or at all ridiculous.  Oh wait..wtf was that? A human head on a little dog? Yup. This looks awesome.

Last Updated: August 4, 2011

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