That Law and Order GamerGate episode looks awful

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When I told you that Law & Order: SVU was making an episode about GamerGate, I still had hope that they would do a good job. It sounded like they might take a well-rounded approach to gamers, showing that while some are awful, toxic creatures, the majority of the population are in no way like that. Unfortunately, the episode is not looking too positive for gamers of any kind.

NBC is showing some promo clips for the upcoming episode. Beyond the sub-standard acting performances in this scene, the content is rather negative. I think we can all guess who Raina is supposed to be here.

Then there’s this clip that seems to take place further along in the episode and is even more unpleasant.

I know it’s just a TV show and probably would never actually show the whole picture, but I sort of expected a more balanced approach. While I agree that the harassment of women in gaming lately is abysmal, it’s a generalization that can be spread over all of gaming. I would argue that the majority of gamers are against harassment and abuse; it’s just a ridiculously vocal minority who are pushing for this awful agenda. Unfortunately, as soon as this episode airs, it will become canon in the mainstream, giving people an easy point of reference with which to condemn gamers of all walks of life.

Let’s just hope that they pull off something a bit more nuanced in the actual show.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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