The 360 isn't the only console for FPS's

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One of the biggest complaints aimed at the Xbox 360 is that it only really has FPS games and then some sideshow issues.

Not that I agree with that anymore though but it used to be a fair sentiment. Anyway back to the point. has put together an article showing how the PS3 is now becoming a FPS machine in it’s own right with some awesome exclusives or timed exclusives.

This year looks good for the PS3 with Resistance 2, Haze, Unreal Tournament and the overly hyped Killzone 2. Out of all of them Resistance 2 looks to be the best by far especially after the luke warm reception that Unreal Tournament received overseas.

Jump through the link to see them all and a quick write up about each.

Six Games That Show the PS3 is an FPS Powerhouse by The Game Reviews

Last Updated: February 11, 2008

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