The amazing video game art of Syrian Games – No, really

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Creating a cover for your upcoming video game isn’t as easy as it looks. Unless it utilises the chin down, eyes up approach (Best for job interviews). And then you get the video game covers of software pirates. You’ve seen them before, at flea markets and at the robots. Hastily printed covers, sometimes the wrong one, in washed colours and cheap paper. And then you get the video game pirate covers of Syrian Games, which takes terribad to a new level.

The Gamelogical Society discovered a treasure trove of these covers, horrid Frankenstein chops of familiar faces and settings, super-imposed with the photoshop skill of a two-year old. Syrian Games itself is mystery. Located somewhere in Damascus, they sell illegal copies of games by the stall-load, despite the fact that the nation of Syria is locked in a civil war of note. See for yourself the madness of hastily edited images below, that the war might be responsible for:


Emo cat in the hat freaks me out, but Robocop with a jetpack that shoots rainbows is just pure genius. What’s your favourite abomination?

Last Updated: January 5, 2017

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