The Argentinian Playstation 4 price is insane

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In anal intrusive news, the Playstation 4 is going to be expensive. Right now, the average price for one of those consoles locally will set you back around R6300, which is quite a few grinning Randelas. But when it comes to price, Argentina is getting the real short end of the stick here.

Thanks to the fact that the Argentinian economy took what could only be technically referred to as a Tombstone Piledriver from the top rope, a Playstation 4 would set your average citizen back a whopping $1137/ 6500 Pesos on launch day, according to NeoGAF.

Converted, that’s R11 387. And eight cents.

And considering that the average Argentinian makes only $10 000 a year, some kids are going to have one kak Christmas this year when reality hits them. Oh well, at least they have a decent rugby side.


Last Updated: September 11, 2013

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