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The best and worst of the last week (20 July 2012)

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Can you believe it’s already Friday again and that means we need to wrap up the last week and see what tickled your fancy and what you really couldn’t have cared less about. We also tell you what we thought were the best stories of the week, the best comment of the week and the sexiest ION header.

ION Header

This week it was a hard decision between the lovely Tori Black and the incredibly gorgeous Camilla Davalos with Camilla just edging it in our books.

Worst Story

The story that sent us into a rage and made us want to ram our controller through the screen this week was none other than Fez on the Xbox 360 is staying broken 

Mainly because the game is epic and the studio can fix the bug but since Microsoft charge ludicrously high amounts to roll out the patch it just isn’t financially viable for them to do it… such garbage

Best Story

In one of those awesome quirks of fate our best story of the week is the exact opposite of our worst with the indie developer winning out against the big bad corporate in the case of Sony failed to push Limbo around 

The best part about all of it is that Limbo did make it onto all platforms in the end so really no one lost out apart from a corporate and really no one likes a corporate.

Most Popular

The most popular story of the week is awarded to the story with the most comments (or hits if they are wildly high*) and this week it’s a bit of an odd one as our most commented story was this very feature from last week with 108 comments but that wasn’t really a story so the top story was actually Want to shag a gamer? with 64 comments

Least Popular

and the booby prize that we all want to avoid this week belongs to Geoff and his article about American McGee praises free-to-play which obviously no one really cared about as it only received 1 single comment, a long and potentially valid comment but a single comment none the less.

Comment of the week

And to the most coveted prize on planet earth today, the Lazygamer comment of the week where you win the plaudits and praise of your peers, superiors and subordinates. This week the prize goes to…

Twakkie with his entirely bizarre comment on our Metro post of

“Sweet man! But I think the real question is do all Russians plan world domination and own a nuclear device?
I always wanted a Russian, I would call him Oleg and he will be my Russian. I would love him and feed him cookies and vodka if he is good! Also use him to beat the crap out of any one who doesnt see thing my way…”

From this day on I’m always going to want my own pet Russian as well…

And on that note, we have those three copies of Metro 2033 to give away. Twakkie gets one for his Russian attempts and the above comment burning itself into my skull.

The other two go to Jacques Low who really did try to type an accent and the last one goes to Sasha Lewis for having a full on Russian conversation with our resident Russian reader.

Can you all email be the end of today to claim your prize

*We don’t measure by hits as I’ve always been far more interested in the discussion and the readers themselves rather than sheer numbers so we’ll only talk about hits if something goes viral

Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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