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The best Final Fantasy mini-game of all time, is now ready for your phone

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Triple Triad

There’s a number of reasons why Final Fantasy 8 is the greatest Final Fantasy game of all time, least of which being that I’ll fight anyone in a dark alley who disagrees with me. And yes, I’m the kind of bastard who brings an 18-wheeler truck to a fist-fight.

Sure, it was my first Final Fantasy, which may skew my judgement, slightly, but according to me it certainly is the best game in the series. Better than Final Fantasy 7 at least. And that’s thanks to one simple mini-game found within Final Fantasy 8: Triple Triad.

A simple to learn card game, Triple Triad was an addictive component to the eighth core game in the franchise, that gave players certain benefits once they’d taught their Quetzacotl Guardian Force how to modify said cards into powerful items.

Ah Laguna, it was worth losing so many Ruby Dragosn, just to acquire you and convert you into 100 Heroes before the Ultimecia fight.

Now, an enhanced version of Triple Triad is up for grabs. The Final Fantasy Portal App is live on Android and iOS, and it features an expanded selection of cards, opponents and game modes. As well as an online multiplayer and I am ridiculously happy about this. But here’s the rub.

Triple Triad 2

Instead of pulling a Hearthstone, Square Enix has slapped the game with the usual freemium caveats. Matches cost one crystal, which take half an hour to recharge, with players capped at having five of them at any given time. It’s fine if you want to have a quick dip into Final Fantasy, but paying to not have to wait two and half hours between sessions can be a slap in the face.

I’d gladly have spent cash on buying booster decks, had Square Enix gone the Hearthstone route. Still, the app itself is neat outside of those flaws. Nice sounds, new cards and that catchy soundtrack.

Plus it all ties back into the Final Fantasy Portal app, which bestows players with other stuff that I’m not bothered with at all. Because that’s how Japanese video game companies work.

Last Updated: August 21, 2015

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