The Black Glove may not reach its Kickstarter goal

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Game might be as dead as these peeps

Remember I told you about The Black Glove, a title that ex Irrational Games employees are looking to Kickstart? There’s 4 days to go before the cut-off, and they’ve only raised $157 000 out of the $550 000 goal – just 29%. They’ve recently added VR support and kicked off operation Save the Black Glove in an attempt to make their game a reality.

The announcement was made on their Kickstarter page (via Joystiq). Firstly, the prospect of VR support:

Day For Night Games is thrilled to announce that we’re adding VR compatibility for The Black Glove as part of our initial ask. If fully funded on Kickstarter, we intend to support The Black Glove for both the Oculus Rift and the PS4’s Project Morpheus.

That’s quite cool. I think The Black Glove is the kind of game that could definitely be a better experience with the supported VR devices. Next up, the more pressing issue which is of course, the limited time left to raise just shy of $400 000.

Can we accomplish the same incredible feat Camoflaj did with Republique and raise more than 70% in the next seven days? With your help, yes! Taking inspiration from Camoflaq — whose Ryan Payton wrote us yesterday: “YOU CAN DO IT!!” — we’re launching Operation: Save The Black Glove.

We’ve created the following images for you to download, share online with friends, or whatever you want to do to help spread the word.

November 3, 2014

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