The campaign for no DRM on PlayStation 4

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 Sometimes, when people are unhappy, they take to the streets and riot- I mean protest.  The rest of us take to twitter.  Rumor has it, Sony might be taking notice.

It started on NeoGAF with a forum thread devoted to finding out if Sony was listening.  The user posted two hashtags – #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES for people to use.  Also, he gave a huge list of Sony executives to be targeted.  As he explains:

But I can say, for sure, that the past week’s PR nightmare for MS has not been lost on Sony and they, in fact, do have a used game ‘solution’ working and have been going back and forth for months on whether to use it. This past week is pushing them strongly into “Yeah, let’s not use that.” 

Do you want to give them an extra push? It can’t hurt. I’ve been told by lower level people in the company that tweeting to yosp specifically is quite effective as he likes to gauge what people are thinking. Will a couple hundred posts from neogaf change the entire industry? No. Can it help give a little more momentum to something sony seems to be leaning towards already? I would think so. 

The impact has already been felt.  Several Sony employees have already responded with a range of humorous comments and tweets of agreement.  My favourite tweet so far has been retweeted 1601 times (at time of writing):

CEO Kaz Hirai [email protected]

Sony has seen your #PS4NoDrM hashtag and took note. We now have absolutely no intention to release Dr Mario on PS4

(NB: This is not the real Kaz, but it’s still a funny/cool tweet)

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 The campaign has gone viral and appears to be having some impact.  Obviously, the tweets of employees do not reflect the views of the company.  That said, it appears to be gathering momentum.  Could be worth a tweet.  If nothing else, it puts Sony in a tricky situation if they choose to go down the DRM route despite seeing the backlash against Microsoft and the outpouring of tweets.

Last Updated: May 28, 2013

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    Awesome support. Clicked.

  • Done and done

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    You have my Bow! urm… I mean vote!

  • Tasty peas mixed with porridge

    Kill used games?. I do not know, I feel that it is the Producers that are fudging it all up and not the hardware creators. That is why we have to DEAL WITH DRM.

    • Umar No Shana

      I lurv dat intro song

    • Umar No Shana

      Btw … retailers make 2 dollars on new games?ZOMG…….

      • Rince an repeat

        Is that it?!

        • Umar No Shana

          quite a lil hey ….. and the companies are complaining about them losing money on used games…..because used games are a crime!!

          • Rince an repeat

            really pathetic hey?

        • Umar No Shana

          Waiters at spur get more for a tip

  • Trevor Davies

    So what would happen if EA tells Sony, “We demand DRM or we won’t release games on your console!” and Sony says, “OKTHANKSBYE.” Interesting.

    • There’s no way 3rd party devs will abandon Sony and move to the competition and lose out on millions of potential new game sales on the Ps4 to combat the 2nd hand market. That would just be idiotic. Cut of your nose to spite your face.

      • Trevor Davies

        That’s what I think too, yet all the articles seem to be saying that the big publishers have all the power & dictate terms.

  • Tasty peas mixed with porridge

    So nobody has been fired for telling us to DEAL WITH IT? They must has social media ethics class over at SONY HQ.

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        Drew Carey made me feel better now actually …

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    An angry mob of nerds can be dangerous. The only thing stopping them from tipping cars is physical ability.

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      Not if they have a Str Boost and spent all their time pouring points into their Str stat ….

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      Oh yeah, just you wait until I hulk up on my asthma inhaler!

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    Whaoo….PC race has the front row for the best D grade drama that best C grade soapie cant produces.

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      What affects them affects us too – in the end we’re all gamers… even if some are filthy peasants 😉

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        yeah, those filthy PC gamer peasants……..right?

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          That’s SIR filthy PC gamer peasant to you, heretic :/

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            *sir pc overlord


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            Never saw race tension plot coming.

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            im sorry filthy PC gamer peasant overlord …… i will no longer insult your godly race …. that is, the god of dirt! ….. 😛

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            What is the name of the planet we currently live on? 😀

  • silverscorpio

    If Sony does let go of its DRM ideas, they will win big in the initial console sale war. If not, then Microsoft will be vindivated and they will capitalise on Sony’s mistake. At this stage Sony is playing everything perfectly but ignoring this will be a big mistake from their side.

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    clicked and dusted

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    Interesting. I wonder if No DRM will make the PS4 a pirates haven????

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    Tweet it people!

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    What?! No Dr Mario? Cancelling my preorder. Hopes and dreams crushed.

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