The Cell is dead, long live the Cell

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I remember the days when I could read stories about computing hardware and not feel like I have just put my brain through a blender… but then I moved away from the hardware side of things and it appears that this isn’t like riding a bike.

But here is what I got in a nutshell, while the Cell processor has proven itself time and time again to be an exceptionally good chip that can power it’s way through a bazillion calculations a second it isn’t what IBM is going to use to move forward and conquer the earth.

Instead they are teaming up with AMD and investing in OpenCL (AMD’s GPU idea). They are then going to create APU’s and GPGU’s coupled with CPU’s and all this together is going to take out Nvidia.. yeah I don’t know when they entered this conversation either.

But the important parts are this… IBM aren’t suddenly going to stop making the PS3’s Cell processor. The Cell processor is still a kick ass chip and the PS4 will more than likely not run on a Cell.

It will run on whatever I said up there.

You can read all the technical details through the link below.

Source: TheInquirer

Last Updated: November 30, 2009

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