The Cole Train will return in the new Gears of War

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There are just some things about Gears of War that you can’t hate. Cutting down a locust with the lancer ranks pretty highly, but getting to play a small piece of Thrashball with Augustus “Cole Train” Cole has to take the cake, and not because the ball was actually a massive bomb.

The Cole Train is probably the best character the Gears of War franchise has spat out, and it would be tough to imagine a game without him. Black Tusk Studios, the people behind the next entry into the series, seem to agree. That’s why the Cole Train will be returning in their sequel, according to a tweet made by voice actor Lester Speight.

Responding to a question from really eager fan on Twitter, Speight confirmed that he had been contacted to reprise his role as the Cole Train for the next Gears title.

Although this confirms that we’ll be seeing Cole in the next Gears of War, we still have no idea in what capacity. He could be in a short little flashback for all we know. Or maybe Microsoft is taking the sports route and making a fully fledged Trashball title. That’s definitely something I would play happily for the rest of my life.

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Although, I am hoping Microsoft and Black Tusk are a bit adventurous with the IP they acquired earlier this year. We’ve seen the story of Delta, so why not focus on something entirely new? Pendulum Wars perhaps?

Pretty sure every Gears of War fan has been wanting that to happen since the first game.

Last Updated: July 7, 2014

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