The Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games that could’ve been

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I don’t think anyone other than Activision is against the idea of rebooting some of the best platformers gaming has ever seen. Crash Bandicoot and Spyro immediately tug on those nostalgic heart strings, but it’s been ages since either had a new entry. That wait just got even longer, with proof that new titles for both were cancelled last year.

That’s probably not the most breaking news, since we hear about cancelled Crash Bandicoot titles all the time. What is new is some concept artwork from both the new Crash Bandicoot and Sypro projects, which surfaced on the internet thanks to professional digital artist Ryan Harrison. Harrison was apparently working on some early art for both titles, which is has uploaded to his DeviantArt page.

Harrison explained that the Crash Bandicoot project was started in April 2012, with the entire thing being scrapped in May last year. The Spyro project was apparently much older, but neither title managed to reach the pre-beta phase of production before being ultimately canned. Harrison also doesn’t know why Activision chose to pull the plug.

Honestly. They wouldn’t share us the detailed reason as to why. Our projects were fairly young when they were pitched. The Spyro project was much older than the Crash Bandicoot one. The only purpose of posting these were to display my work that I have done and provide interesting ideas that fans might like to see. So any questions outside of artistic inspiration are irrelevant and can not be answered by myself.

There aren’t many details regarding gameplay, but judging from some of the concepts it looks like Crash was at least heading back to hi platforming roots. It doesn’t make the news of the project’s cancellation any easier to swallow, but I do think Activsion has some sort of plan for both franchises.

I just hope I won’t be dead before they decide to reveal them.

Last Updated: August 22, 2014

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