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The Crew 2 is adding a ton of 70s, 80s and future content to its garage

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TC2 Beetle

Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are to be talking about a game that is now two years old. Buried beneath news stories of bashing the fash in London and watching Genie Carl Capuccino from Broken Sad teach his son how to hold a grenade, some tasty new content for The Crew 2 was announced. Now that the Summer in Hollywood expansion has been parked, The Crew 2 will add new DLC in the form of The Beach, a collection of vehicles from a more bodacious era bro. Or should I say brodacious.

That slice of DLC will feature the likes of the classic Volkswagen Beetle and Bus, and will then be followed by a taste of the future in Neon Battle. That synth-infused addition will add the Kawasaki Ninja H2 light rider edition motorcycle, just in case you’re in the mood to pilot a pocket rocket on the grid. But wait, there’s more! The new Dust Bowl event will also kick off in July, while August will see the So French 2, Human Nosball, and Flashy ’80s make a turn.

Yes, there’s DeLorean parked in the garage of that 80s event. The only thing its missing is a mountain of aerosol cans that can be used to rip a hole in the ozone layer about yay wide. And The Crew 2 is still not done. September through to December will see more content dropped into Ubisoft’s weird stretch of America, which wasn’t half-bad! As a certain devilishly handsome writer said at the time in Creview:

No matter the element, The Crew 2 is a fantastic vehicle in which to master the ins and outs of speed. It’s just a pity that Ubisoft’s new world of varied racing disciplines feels hollow and uneven as it won’t hold your attention for very long in its current incarnation.

Sure, better racing games have popped up in the years since, but how many of them have VW Beetles that you can drive? Answer: Almost all of them. Man, I am bad at spinning compelling arguments.

Last Updated: July 13, 2020

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