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The CritCast Episode 14: Want to do karate in the garage?

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Wow, we’ve been doing this show for 14 weeks now, who would have thought we’d be able to keep it going this long without skipping an episode? We have serious matters to attend to this week as I unpack the complicated nuance of Trials of Fire, a game that’s both exceptionally good and much too smart for me, and Darryn can finally tell us all about Balan Wonderland. Turns out, he loved it! It’s his game of the year so far, which I’ll admit I didn’t see coming. It might just be the fact that he enjoys self-inflicted agony though, so bear that in mind.

Then we talk in-depth about Close Enough, the latest animation from the creator of The Regular Show, JG Quintel, and Way of the Househusband, an anime that even I’m vaguely interested in watching (even if the animation is complete ass). As for news, we’ve got a delightful platter to choose from: The Deathloop delay, an explanation behind why Mass Effect 1 desperately needs that combat rework, E3 leaping back into action and that new report that’s come out about Sony and its disdain for indie games. It was a busier week than expected!

Go ahead and give the show a follow on Anchor or Spotify, why don’t you? Hell, tell a friend about it! Word of mouth is so important in the marketing process. I hope you enjoy this hour of discussion Darryn and I cooked up and we’ll be back with another one next Tuesday!

Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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