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The CritCast is here to talk about Hitman 3, WandaVision and much more!

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Every week Darryn and I gather our wits in an attempt to not only tolerate the other’s presence but to also talk about… stuff. What kind of stuff, you ask? It differs from week to week but the general trends of the discussion veer towards the latest video games we’ve been enjoying, the series and movies we’ve been consuming, Darryn telling me about his shelf of Batman toys and me nodding along because I understand his passion… I think.

We now also officially have a name! The poll results came back and The CritCast was the overwhelming winner! We were really hoping for Turbo-Goose, but we also know that it was dumb and CritCast is much better. There was some upset when Babble Royale attempt to ignite an insurgency and have its voters storm the Critical Hit office but security was able to escort them out. By security, I mean the realistic automaton of Geoff, equipped with a rolling pin, we built to guard the door. Shhhh, don’t speak too much about him. He almost gained sentience last week and then who’ll guard the door for free?

So give the show a listen while you’re driving to and from work. Maybe even fall asleep to the dulcet tones of our voices. If you enjoyed it, do share the show around. We don’t pay to advertise it so the words of your mouth do us a world of good. You can find us now on Anchor and Spotify with even more platforms available soon. Thanks for listening!

Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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