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The Division 2’s getting an open beta in March

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I missed the Division 2’s private beta this weekend past, because I was busy with other stuff. From all accounts, it was pretty good, though it really does seem to be a more refined version of the last game in a new setting, than any grand, new experience. That’s fine though! I had a blast playing The division, and I’m sure I’ll have as much fun playing the game when it hits on March 15. As long as it has better end game content (which it seems to!) and the Dark Zone is more fun to mess around in (which it seems to be!), then it’ll be a good time.

If you’re still on the fence though, Ubisoft has announced an open beta for the game that’ll kick off at the beginning of next month, and run through that weekend.

“We are happy to announce that the Open Beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be running from March 1st through March 4th! More information is coming soon, but for the latest news about the Open Beta, please visit our Beta page.

Huge thanks to everyone that took part in the Private Beta. We are grateful for all the feedback, all the bug reports and all the suggestions that you gave us over the course of those days (and after!).

Thank you and see you all again soon in Washington, D.C.!”

It’s an open beta, so anyone will be able to download the client and jump into a newly demolished Washington DC. Here’s what we said of the beta when it was still closed off:

A refinement of established ideas, subtle new variations to shake up a jaded fanbase and if its anything like everything else that Ubisoft has released in the past couple of years, primed to receive one hell of a post-game support as a live service.”

Last Updated: February 13, 2019

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