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The Dota 2 Secret Shop has been restocked with brand new merchandise

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Valve makes all of their money via sales of millions of games and cosmetics, right? Wrong! They make the real cha-ching off their MOICHANDISING. Take Dota 2 for example – the MOBA has spawned all sorts of loot including plushies, t-shirts, figurines, and a whole lot more. The range on offer was already quite vast, but it just got a whole lot bigger. Valve have now unveiled all new goodies that’ll be available at the Secret Shop at this year’s International, and dammit, I need to lock my wallet away in the safe again!

If you’re lucky enough to be attending The International, you can pre-order online right now and collect at the event itself in a few weeks time:

If you’re attending The International, we’re happy to announce that this year you’ll be able to pre-order all the new Dota 2 merchandise that will be available at the Secret Shop, and then claim your order at KeyArena. You can view the catalog now at WeLoveFine, and preorder purchasing will begin on July 16th. Order pick-up will become available July 31st.

Thankfully, the rest of us won’t be missing out entirely…

If you won’t be attending, you’ll be able to purchase Secret Shop merchandise online shortly after The International.

Phew! So what’s on offer? LOTS! You can take a peek right here ( scroll down – no need to sign up with Steam or anything). Here are some highlights:

Micro Plush



Tango necklace


A tango necklace? My mind is like “that is the dumbest thing ever,” but the fanboy in me is like “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG”. Don’t worry, I am not ordering it. Maybe.

I do definitely want some micro plushies though. Valve had a store at Gamescom last year, and I picked up a bunch for myself. My wallet cried. I did not. Thus, I would be happy to add to my collection.

What about you? Does any of this merchandise appeal to you? There are a ton of awesome shirts I would pick up as well, but there are far too many to list here!


Last Updated: July 14, 2015

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