The Gamescom Bloodborne demo is dark

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We all knew that Dark Souls was going to be a dark game – it says so in the name. From Software is now bringing us Bloodborne and you can see the section of the game that they showed off at Gamescom. Prepare to lose some of your own hope and humanity.

This is the full stage that was playable at Gamescom. It’s important to point out that during the show, they made the demo a bit easier so that people who waited in line for hours and hours didn’t die in the first 30 seconds. I have a feeling this section will be much more difficult in the real game:

At about the 1:40 mark you can see the regain system in action – just watch the health bar as the player gets attacked and then gets revenge. Also, as I explained after seeing the behind closed door session, the movement of the healing item has significantly changed gameplay. By moving it out of the inventory, it means that players are more likely to actually use their offensive items in combat. You can see this towards the end of the video during the boss battle – players can throw vials of oil at enemies, followed by a Molotov cocktail for increased effect.

The gameplay and level design seems to be carrying on with From Software’s typical style, even though it’s in a new setting. I’m keen to see how the strategy plays out with the firearm working to sort of replace the shield. Plus they are continuing with their awesome enemy designs, so I’m very happy. Hm, somehow happy seems like the wrong word to use, but I hope you guys are excited for this game as I am. It’s coming next year Q1 to PS4 and will probably kill you as much as Dark Souls did.

Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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