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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 10 May 2013

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Ah, what a long, strange week it’s been.  I suppose I’m still getting broken in – not a single award for me this week.

 Maybe one day I’ll get Batman, and maybe that will be the day I become the ION girl.  But in the meantime, I’ll just accept my place in the kitchen of the Lazygamer world.

Best Story

No doubt in my mind, the best news is that the PS4 won’t have an “always online” requirement.  It wasn’t even considered.  Because Sony is just awesome.  There, I said it.  Now we wait and see what the reaction will be from Microsoft on the 21st.

Worst Story

Again, no doubt about this one.  EA closing down its South African branch is sad news, and is being repeated around the world, it would seem.  And also a bit weird considering the ridiculous profits that they are still pulling in.  We continue to ask for comment, and will keep you updated.

Best ION Header

Two is better than one and I suppose these girls are just too hot (and stocking-ed) to resist.  But please, tell me what they did in photoshop to the hands!! Not sure if it’s a foot, a penis or some weird kinky prosthetic…

Most Comments

This award goes, without any doubt, to Gavin’s Deadpool article – not that most of the comments were about the article, but hey, he’s not complaining.

Least Comments

Who might be complaining is Darryn with his less than desirable award this week – least comments for his Super Little Acorns Turbo 3D review.  Apparently, people don’t have love for Darryn, or maybe it’s the 3DS’ fault…

Batman of the week

Claiming his rightful place, Geoff has once again ascended to the glory that is batman.  Well deserved, but I’m so jealous. One day, it shall be mine… oh yes, it shall be mine.  But until then, it’s totally Geoff’s.

Header Image of the Week

Because Oprah is about as loved and hated as EA.  Genius.  

Comment of the Week

This weird “she’s so not sexy” comments in this ION had me laughing this week – gotta love a gremlin in drag!  Do gremlins even have a gender to then be in drag?

Last Updated: May 10, 2013

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