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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 17 May 2013

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Yet another week of having top spots cruelly stolen from my clutches.  For the second time in three weeks, my most comments award was snatched away!  I’ll get you my little pretty!

At least I’m making some progress in Batman.  Didn’t make it this week, but I’m slowly getting some degree of hope.  Although, when Darryn comes back my chances will diminish again.  I suppose you guys just don’t want me to be the ION girl.

Best Story

Darryn played a bit of the new XCOM and it doesn’t suck!  In fact, it looks quite cool.  Maybe there is yet hope for the franchise.

Worst Story

The worst story was Ubisoft’s horrible behavior towards Patrice Désilets.  Really?!  Not enough to screw the guy over twice, now you have to trample on all his IP.  That goes way beyond trolling – just being asses.

Best ION Header

This was definitely the best.  Maybe because I like a nice round derrière, or maybe because this is one of the only pics where the girl isn’t doing that ‘look over my shoulder’ pose.

Most Comments

Yeah, this was stolen from me by Gavin, by a loooong shot!  It appears that after a week of holding in all your trolling, the rage was too great to contain.  You HAD to rant about which popular games you hate the most.  Understandable.

Least Comments

That ‘honor’ goes to me this week.  No one cares about the World War Z mobile game.  In a strange way, I’m actually pleased about this – if we ignore them while they defile a book, maybe they’ll actually start staying true to source material!

Batman of the Week

Was there ever any doubt?  Of course it’s Geoff – who else?  He insists it’s because he’s awesome, but I’m sure there is a conspiracy!

Header Image of the Week

I am totally claiming this, mainly to discourage Geoff from trolling in his header images.  Although I think he learned his lesson seeing as he kept trolling himself, all day!  

Comment of the Week

The string of comments on my console war article made me laugh.  You guys are welcome to call me a temptress as much as you like – I swear I’m not troll bait! 

Last Updated: May 17, 2013