The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (20 June 2014)

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I hear it was a short week. However, it seems to have felt like the longest week in history. Maybe that’s just the jet lag talking, or maybe it’s just getting used to the hourly insults from the guys again. Either way, at least it’s finally time for a much deserved weekend.

Best Story

I was going to steal this one for our annual E3 Lazygamer Awards. However, it actually made me so happy to read the amount of fun that Geoff had playing the Destiny Alpha – good news, the game doesn’t suck!

Worst Story

Kim Kardashian has entered the world of gaming. I fear for our souls. Also, Phil Fish is still being stupid towards gamers.

Best ION Header

Gemma Massey

I might just have a thing for brunettes, or maybe it’s the classiness of this pic, but Gemma gets my vote this week.

Most Comments

Wow you guys had a lot to say about us looking for an intern. Most of you were wondering about girl-name selections and other silliness, but it warms our heart to see how many of you like the idea of joining us, regardless of how crazy we are.

Least Comments

Okay, I get it, none of you care about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I tried to bring you cool hands-on coverage, but clearly that wasn’t enough to make you interested.

Batman of the Week

Dark knight rices

Was there ever any doubt? Even missing a day of work due to power issues, Geoff is our Batman of the week. I’m sure he has the system rigged, but then, he is also just that amazing.

Header Image of the Week


He may not be Batman this week, but he will always be our Batman. And what could have been better at E3 than watching Batman interview the Batman developers – seriously cool, Darryn.

Comment of the Week

The clear winner was Hammersteyn this week with his continuation of the running HAI jokes.

I was gonna do some work but then I got HAI
I just got a new promotion but I got HAI
Now I’m selling dope and I know why
Because I got HAI
Because I got HAI
Because I got HAI
La da da da da da da da da

Last Updated: June 20, 2014

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