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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 21 November 2014

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Dear Diary. Today I couldn’t think up a witty or interesting introduction for the weekly wrap. I think I’m losing my touch… I think I’m going insane! What does this all mean? Am I destined to be nothing, a mere shadow of the void? How will people know what the highlights of the week were without something to lead  them into it? They will never know!

Best Stories

Oh Nintendo, my love for you has no boundaries! Super Smash Bros WON’T be hiding brawlers behind paywalls thankfully. There’s also good news for those of you who love Blizzard and World of Warcraft. The new expansion has kicked the player base right back up past the 10 million mark. Finally, want that Final Fantasy VII remake for your console? Look no further!

Worst Stories

Grand Theft Auto getting hate for its violence? WHAT! That’s like, totally unheard of. Apparently the new first person perspective takes the things up a notch, making things that much worse. Oh look, a wild response from Take 2 appears!Sacrebleu! The French are angry? Nothing new there. Apparently Assassins Creed Unity misrepresents the French Revolution, at least according to one of their politicians.

Random Stories

Where do I even begin. This week was packed with all sorts of WTF. It’s between Goat Simulator getting a MMO, Realistic Minecraft being freaking terrifying, and old Atari games selling for $37 000. Actually, Batman always wins, so I think the most random news story this week is the mystery that Arkham City hid for three years.

Best ION Header


I do believe you will all agree that Miss Paige is easily the winner of the ION header award this week.What the heck is she posing on though? Is it a dead tree? An upside down table thing? A canoe without sides? Who the hell knows…

Most Comments

YAAAAARGH! Are you lacking FOV? Are you a pirate? Then you probably read this article on Far Cry 4 by Darryn. It raked in a respectable 165 comments!

Least Comments

I think I would’ve had the least comments this week for sure, but a healthy donation of pity comments kept me safe! Darryn on the other hand, needed balance to his article with most comments, which is why this Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014 piece only got two replies.

Batman Of The Week

Darryn and Geoff

Why Geoff, WHY? You can’t take the Batman award each week, that’s just selfish! At least give Darryn a chance, he has the suit and everything already!

Cabbage Of The Week

Le Cabbage and I xD

I don’t always win the non-cabbage award, but when I do, I take extra time to rub it in Sandy’s face. Look at him, look how sad he is! Poor Sandy looked after all the cabbages this week.

Header Image Of The Week



Comment Of The Week

Man, there were some goodies this week, but nothing made me giggle more than this comment from Hammersteyn on, yes, the Far Cry 4 pirate article.

Can the pirates really be blamed for thinking Ubisoft released a gimped PC port?

You sir, are entitled to a Bells from each of our readers!

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