The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 6 June 2013

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What a crazy week it’s been.  I flew for a million hours (or so it seemed) to return home, just as Geoff and Darryn take off to E3.  Now it will be my job to give Gavin oxygen, and considering that I’m the bottom of the Batman totem pole, I suppose it falls to me to make sandwiches as well.  Still beats sitting in coach (Ed: Economy for those that speak proper English) for two days of my life.

Best Story

The last major release for the PS3 might just be one of the best – The Last of Us looks pretty great!.  It’s nice to see the PS3 get such a huge release, even with the PS4 around the corner.  Looking forward to this one!

Worst Story

While we are very happy for him and wish him all the best, we are all saddened at the loss of our Wookiee.  Good luck Garth, not that you need it!  You will be missed.

Best ION Header

Because she has awesome ‘dirty pillows’ and doesn’t have a face like a foot.  Well done!  Oh, and because that linen looks really sumptuous.  Yup, all about the sheets.

Most Comments

This honor goes to Geoff for his round up on reviews for The Last of Us.  Guess this just goes to show – it’s not always about the sexual innuendo and flame baiting.

hahaha suck it Geoff… While you were flying I dropped the DRM bomb and the comments shot past your round up rubbish.. (I take this seriously – Gavin)

Least Comments

Coming full circle, this more dubious award goes to Geoff – apparently no one wanted to see inFamous dots.  I suppose it brings balance to the universe or something for Geoff to get both of these awards… and I’m just happy it’s not my ‘award’ this week!

Batman of the Week


Riding his porn story to glory, Gavin annihilated the rest of us and was clearly Batman this week.  I suppose he also needs his day in the sun from time to time, especially seeing as he normally has to spend all his time making the rest of us happy.  I’m still bitter, and still holding out on posing as ION chick until I am Batman.  But Gavin totally deserves it.  Damn him.

Best Header Image

Because Zuma turtle!  Need I say more?

Comment of the week

Sir Rants-a-lot Llew’s use of photoshop in this comment made laugh more than I should admit.  Geoff just looks so cute!


But as far as wit goes, it has to be Andre116’s Ass Effect happy ending come back

Pick your own ending. Will just be the colour of the condom that changes.

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