The good, the bad, and the ugly of the past week – 12 July 2013

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So, after brief glimmers of Batman hope last week, I am back to my normal place lower on the totem pole.  But you guys were awesome in your valiant efforts to win me Batman, so you are rewarded with a topless pic of me where you can even see my pussy (cat).  Now you know to work harder towards getting the real thing for an ION.

Best Story

There is no doubt for me – it’s Nintendo being awesome and not getting rid of people.  Because they are just great, and really, there are far too many companies firing people.

Worst Story

All our money is going to disappear because of the Steam Summer Sale.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  But mostly, it was the broke of times.

Best ION Header

Don’t argue with me, I know best when it comes to hot women.  Also, as much as I liked Wednesday’s ION header because of boobies, she had goosebumps, a weird arm and funny chin.  Oh, and Yolanda agrees with me – so no arguments allowed!

Most Comments

It’s MEEEEE!  I win! I win! I win! In fact, I beat out the Xbox One launch, because you guys are the best community ever.  My rage war inciting article about PCs vs consoles is sitting with 393 comments.  You like me, you really, really like me!  I love you all… in a platonic way.

Batman of the Week

Geoff has regained his usual title of Batman.  Are you surprised?  I’m not – because he’s awesome.  Now, we just need to determine if I’m Batgirl, Alfred or Oracle?  Yeah, I’m trying to determine the pecking order of our totem pole: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, Oracle?  Or is Alfred on top of Batgirl… hehehe.

Header Image of the Week

This one goes to Geoff for his impressive skills.  No denying it.

Comment of the Week

There were so many to choose from this week, but I must say that this had me laughing a bit too hard on the Great War of consoles vs PC.


its shocking no one is standing up for the WII
(note its not me just making a point)

John Ambitious

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