The International sells out in an hour

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Instant sell out

I won’t lie, I’m excited for the International. It’s just too much fun to watch the high level Dota that goes on – Evil Geniuses, Alliance, Na’Vi all going head to head. I would love to be there live to watch it all go down in person. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that way – tickets sold out in record time.

Last week, Valve announced the date and location for the championships. This year, the tournament is held early, taking place 18-21 July at the Key Arena at Seattle Center. Valve’s Doug Lombardi confirmed to onGamers that tickets sold out roughly an hour after they went on sale. Officials at the Key Arena also confirmed to onGamers that about 10k tickets were sold for the event. That includes general admission tickets priced at $99 and VIP packages that were priced at $499. I don’t even want to image the kind of cash flow that happened in that one hour – that’s about 166 tickets sold every minute. Insanity. You can still grab the tickets if you have the money; they’re going for exorbitantly inflated prices on eBay.

I, for one, will be watching the tournament from the comfort of my home. I’m keen to get my compendium, build a dream team (any bets on who I want in my team?) and watch the matches through my Dota client. Then again, I may link up my Dota with my twitch account – then I can stream it all through my PS4 onto my big screen TV. Add some popcorn and maybe some pre-manufactured body odor spray all around my lounge and I’m sure I can pretend I’m in the arena. Right?

Will you be spectating the event? What’s your favorite part of the International?

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Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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