The Last Guardian still exists

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Remember PlayStation 3 exclusive Team Ico title The Last Guardian? It’s ok if you don’t – because the team that brought you ICO and Shadow of the Colossus has been rather quiet about the game that wowed just about everybody at E3 all the way back in 2009. It’s been months since we heard anything apart from the departure of team lead Fumito Ueda. He’s still working on the game in a freelance capacity, and promises there’ll be news to share.

On his personal site, (via Kotaku) Ueda’s affirmed that the game still exists, and that details are pending.

As some of you may have heard, I left Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio some time ago to pursue my creative passions. Nevertheless, I continue working on THE LAST GUARDIAN as a freelance contributor.

While it’s been a long time coming, THE LAST GUARDIAN remains under my creative supervision and is still in development by an incredibly talented team.

I should also mention that details regarding THE LAST GUARDIAN’s release is solely decided by Sony Computer Entertainment, not myself. Please keep an eye out for their official announcement.

Moving forward, it is my intent to continue my involvement with THE LAST GUARDIAN project, as well as pursue new creative projects with a fresh perspective. As I rekindle my passions as a creator, I look forward to seeing where it will take me, and I deeply appreciate your support during this transition.

Perhaps it’ll be one of the things Sony shows off at their up coming Future of PlayStation event? Maybe The Last guardian will end up being a PlayStation 4 launch title. Who knows? I’m just happy it’s not dead.

Last Updated: February 14, 2013

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    ALMOST 20 FEB…………

    • The planets have aligned,my precious is coming! Streets will flow with the tears of xbros next week..

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        Haven’t you been gaming on the bawks recently?

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  • if Sony announces this I will literally jizz in my pants

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