The Last of Us is being re-re-released

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I bet you thought that the Remastered Edition of The Last of us was the very last time the game would be released. Well you’d be wrong. It’s coming to the PlayStation 3 again, as a Game of the Year Edition.

According to the PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition will be available exclusively on PS3 and will be the original game, along with all of the game’s DLC. It’s coming next month.

  • Left Behind – Delve into Ellie’s past in this single-player prequel chapter
  • Abandoned Territories & Reclaimed Territories – Fight for survival in eight multiplayer maps
  • Grounded Mode – A harder single-player difficulty mode

Essentially, it’s just like the Remastered edition, just without that shiny coat of paint afforded by the extra graphical horsepower in the PlayStation 4.  It’ll be sold for 40 squid, which by direct conversion  comes to around R700. IT is, in my opinion, too much for what’s considered an old game on an old system, but it’s still a game worth playing.

On the PlayStation 4.

Last Updated: October 23, 2014

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