The Lazygamer Awards 2010 – Closing Recap

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You can consider this post our elaborate closing ceremony for the Lazygamer Awards 2010. Any second now I’m going to be joined on screen by rows of Vegas showgirls and fancy pyrotechnics. I’m then going to do a song and dance routine and dazzle you with my outrageous Sinatra charm and dashing good looks. Any… second now.

Until that time, however, let’s take a look at some of the awards that were just dished out over the course of the day. While the Lazygamer staff all played a role in deciding on the awards, it was Nick who put together all of the posts and literally stayed up all night doing so. What a trooper; kudos to you Mr. de Bruyne.

As with all gaming awards, there are bound to be some differences in opinion both amongst the deciding panel and the readers themselves. Of course, what you need to remember is that any awards list is completely subjective no matter how many people take part in the decision making. There will always be a title that somebody will not agree with. Perhaps that’s just another indication of just how massive this industry has become: there are literally too many games, which makes the task of compiling a comprehensive list of the year’s best a near impossible task. Feel free to sound off in the comments; some of you have already done so in the comments on the individual posts from earlier today. I’ll admit, some of my votes didn’t materialise into wins for particular categories, but that’s democracy I guess. Besides, had I got my way then LIMBO would have won in every category; including best Wii, PC and PlayStation 3 game. What?

The stand-out for the Lazygamer Awards 2010 has to be the amount of nominations that Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2 managed to rack up. They received thirteen nominations between the two of them, across nine categories. It’s safe to say that if you haven’t played either of them then it’s high time you got your act together. Heavy Rain won a total of three awards including Best PlayStation 3 Game of the year. Mass Effect 2 netted itself three awards as well, making these two very different titles two of the most favourite games of 2010. I’m sure there are loads of you who will agree.

What about Gran Turismo 5? While the game received two nominations, it won neither of them and lost out to Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit in the Best Racer category. Many will be unimpressed with these results seeing as how GT5 was supposed to be the PS3 flagship title for 2010 alongside God of War III. It’s interesting then that a new IP (Heavy Rain) beat both of those colossal series in PlayStation categories. That’s not to say that GT5 is a terrible game; it isn’t at all and came in a comfortable second in the Best Racer category. The game is still amazing, but the tiny niggles, insane load times and scrappy car models on the non-premium cars detracted quite a bit. Factors such as these were all taken into consideration when casting votes.

The award for Best Multiplayer Game of 2010 might raise a few eyebrows. What, no BLOPS love at all? While Treyarch’s latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise received a nomination, it was pipped at the post by Bad Company 2 and StarCraft II. Two wildly different genres taking top positions in this category, but variety is the spice of life, is it not? And when it comes to variety in multiplayer games, 2010 was definitely a good year. In that regard, some (me included) might be a little bummed out that Monday Night Combat didn’t even get a nomination. However, when it comes to sheer volume of players that the five nominated games attract online, very few titles are able to stand up to them and Monday Night Combat became a casualty. Somebody call Pit Girl to revive the poor title.

Downloadable games saw a huge jump in popularity this year, with stellar titles like Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light as well as LIMBO taking top honours. While those two games are worthy of the results they achieved, it was extra awesome to see local indie title Desktop Dungeons getting a nomination. Did I just say “local indie title”? Yes I did, where have you been? Desktop Dungeons has been creating quite a stir both locally and internationally. So much so that some lowlife bastards have already tried to clone it and port it to iOS systems before QCF Design can get their version out there.

This is the first time Lazygamer has put together a day-long list of awards, and it won’t be the last. For those who have only joined us now, here’s a super-handy list of links to each of today’s award posts:

Welcome Note
Best Story
Best Graphics
Best Multiplayer
Best New IP
Best Nintendo Wii Game
Best PlayStation 3 Game
Best Xbox 360 Game
Best PC Game
Best Downloadable Game
Best Handheld Game
All Genre Awards
Game of the Year
ION Hottie of the Year (In Geoff we trust!)

So there you have it loyal Lazygamer readers. We hope you enjoyed today’s awards. If you feel that we left out a particular category or genre, then please let us know in the comments below so that we can add them to next year’s awards. To all of you who commented throughout the day, good luck for the comments competition – hopefully you’ll get to win some free loot!

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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