The Lazygamer Awards 2014 – Worst Game Of 2014

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You’ve seen some of the very best games of the year so far. Now prepare to see the very worst that 2014 had to offer. Lacklustre games can be handled. Lukewarm games can still make for a decently cheap gift. But the worst game of 2014 was most likely proof that God does exist and he hates anyone who received this game as a present.

And the loser is…The Amazing Spider-Man 2!


There’s something very wrong with a game so bad, that it makes a terrible film that it happens to be based on look like fine art in comparison. The first Amazing Spider-Man game was no angel, but at least it held some promise. The sequel game however, was a backwards mess of poor ideas shoved into a product with all the tender lovin’ care of a babysitting organisation that catered to ginger step-children.

Words alone cannot accurately capture the stink of this game. It’s an obligation churned out by Activision, that wastes the time of anyone who plays it. It truly is, the worst game of 2014 and the worst Spider-Man game ever made.

Dishonourable mentions

The Kim Kardashian Game, The Muppets: Most Wanted and Risen 3.

Last Updated: December 19, 2014

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