The Mobile Kombat launch trailer is delightfully gory

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MKX mobile

Mobile games are all just about the pretty pictures, right? It’s hard to even think of a mobile game that’s dark and gritty – it’s all about the pretty colors of Candy Crush or the calming music of Threes. But there’s a new mobile game that is already available and will make waiting for meetings or public transportation a whole lot more bloody.

Here is the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat X on mobile:

That certainly looks rather gory and bloody. I’m really keen to try it out, actually. How does button bashing work on a touch screen? Do the matches go faster on mobile to account for people with limited time, or is it still a full-scale experience?

You can grab the game for free on iOS and it appears to still be only coming soon to Android. I’d just warn against playing this in the bathroom – your partner might think that something horrible is going on based on the sounds coming through the door. At least they’ll know when it’s over thanks to those killer finishers. Right?

I’m glad to see a mobile game that doesn’t just look like a crappy tie-in game. It seems like a fun way to kill some time and I like the idea of playing Mortal Kombat X even when I’m not with my console.

Last Updated: April 9, 2015

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